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Spirit HR Business Partners

Spirit HR are acutely aware that one of the issues faced by small and medium business owners is the absence of corporate office support for their operation. There may not be the need for full-time, permanent, highly skilled resource, but businesses still need particular expertise from time to time.

Spirit HR has formed close links with many other businesses who are able to provide support to small businesses in their own specialists areas. These businesses may work in close association with Spirit HR on particular project, or may be referred in to work directly with the client.

Spirit HR has associations in the following areas:

- Health and Safety
- Recruitment Agency
- Legal
- Accountancy
- Marketing
- Sales
- Franchising expertise
- Virtual Office support
- Public Relations
- Design and print
- Journalist

Spirit HR networks regularly with other business professionals in the Midlands area, which means that there are many more professionals and service providers Spirit HR has contact with than appear above. Please be in touch as Spirit HR may be able to help whatever support you believe you may need.