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Spirit HR Solutions

Spirit HR created and offers solutions with its client's in mind. This means that services can be accessed in a number of ways to suit the client.

Services are available one-off, case-by-case basis , enabling client to maintain control over time used, and ultimately cost.

If there is likely to be business change or steady recruitment or other HR work over a period of months, then a short-term contract might prove better value, and importantly provide more peace of mind with the guarantee that Spirit HR will be available for you.

There might also be a staged project with business changes impacting on people in the business over a longer timeframe. In which case Spirit HR can still help, working closely and steadily with you, still providing you with quality support, but able to offer good value, again that peace of mind even on a longer-term contract .

Importantly, Spirit HR is not limited to the options above . We encourage business owners to call and speak to us about their plans, projects, worries and needs to discuss the best option for them. Spirit HR builds long-term relationships with clients and always looks to support each owner's business in the best possible way.