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Spirit HR has significant experience of managing redundancy exercises in very large organisations and in very small.   With considerable experience in the specialist wider HR field of Employee Relations that includes redundancy management, Spirit HR has managed a redundancy programmes in different business sizes from a Blue Chip  global company, with employee numbers of 10,000 over 26 national sites, and a small employer with 2 part-time staff.

Spirit HR provides half-day seminars on various HR topics, including redundancy where we tell you how to get it right and also the common and frequent things that are easy to get wrong.

How We Can Help

Spirit HR will guide you through the current legislation ensuring you are always compliant.
We will ensure you have template letters, guidance notes and  redundancy calculations to give at the right time.

We will guide you through the consultation period and conduct the meetings if you prefer.
We will assist you with any grievances or appeals that are raised during the process and ensure you manage things correctly.

We will provide support for the people leaving your organisation, and those remaining.  Have a look at our Outplacement pages, and contact us for more information about how we can provide a service suitable for you.

We advise you about the impact redundancy has on future recruitment decisions.


Click below for highlights of Spirit HR's successful redundancy management seminar "Crunch Time".
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