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Services - Performance Management

Performance ManagementIdeally a business should have some tool or method to measure the performance of their staff against the objectives of the role. Sometimes a business has some challenges where a member of the team is not performing to the level they should be, or previously have been. We can work with you, very closely, to guide you through a route that will protect you, and gather the fullest understanding possible the issues surrounding the performance. This could be related in internal matters or external matters, or even health.

How We Can Help

We can provide you with a clear road-map to manage performance related issues.

We are alert to, and quick to react to matters raised that we should work closely with you, and other professional on, and will continue to guide you through those matters.

We will also help you to understand if the matter is related to performance, or to conduct and continue to assist you if it moves across to a conduct matter.

As a previous specialist in Employee Relations we have significant experience in this area.