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Outsourced HRSometimes there is a pressure for HR support but the business simply does not need a full-time HR role, or the level of experience needed is higher than an existing team, but is only needed for a short time. When you decide what works for you we will get together to discuss how we can best support you. We can provide a pick & mix' approach allowing you to specifically select which things to outsource to suit your business.  Have a look at our Testimonials page  to read comments from satisfied clients with in-house HR functions that we have worked alongside of, or directed and led for a period.

How We Can Help

We can help you by providing an extra pair of hands to add to your existing team

We can provide skills at strategic, high level with experience of working with and supporting Boards with the people issues that will need to be addressed with strategic aims.

We can provide one-off project support whatever the size of the project for a fixed number of hours or days each week.

We can also provide ad-hoc support for a larger, and maybe less defined project. This may be where you have an aim to get to a certain position, but are not sure even what HR issues there will be.