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It's all in the detail. And, the detail changes regularly leaving it potentially difficult for a business owner to keep up to date with apparently minor changes that could have a major impact on their plans or decisions.

We provide practical information and advice, in plain English, to resolve the issues you have. We can discuss with you the factors that you need to take into account with any of your preferred options in order that you are fully informed.

We provide regular updates to clients about legislative changes. Clients can ask for more specific advice about changes to their contracts, policies or handbooks at any time, if this work is not being addressed as part of a project.

How We Can Help

Providing you with up-to-date employment law advice specifically focused to your proposed plans.

Support for change projects that require knowledge of areas such as TUPE, or redundancy.

Provide new, or review existing contracts of employment.

Support when dealing with difficult one-off situations.