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Services - Disciplinary Cases

Sometimes situations occur in businesses that mean the owner or manager must consider taking disciplinary action against a member of staff. This can be a difficult situation, not least because in smaller businesses people have closer working relationships. However, Spirit HR's best advise is always to deal with matters, quickly, cleanly, fairly and lawfully.

Spirit HR has had a lot of experience in supporting managers in disciplinary cases; including case managing a complex situation where, from one potential misconduct followed numerous further separate investigations, and ultimately led to one gross misconduct, several written warnings, and even more verbal warnings.

Spirit HR has also supported businesses that have investigated and found no action was required other than some additional training.

How We Can Help

Spirit HR will guide you through the current legislation ensuring you are always compliant.

We will ensure you have template letters to give at the right time.

We will ensure you are compliant with your own or statutory timelines.

We will ensure the investigation is thorough and fair.

We will strategically consider involvement of key people in the process.

We will support you through appeal processes.