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Recruitment is not just about an putting out an advert and interviewing everyone.  There’s an opportunity when a role is vacant to properly review what the business needs.  Whether the business grows and needs a new role, or a role becomes vacant, a company can take the opportunity to review the tasks and duties that the role should carry out (to fit the business needs).  We can assist you with drawing up revised or new Job Descriptions and Person Specifications (which describe the skills, knowledge and experience the person needs to do the job).

We can discuss and advise advertising options that would be suitable for your role and the method for people to apply.  We routinely accept applications, rank them and discuss them all with the company then carry out initial telephone screening.  We discuss the applicants and agree a shortlist for interviewing.  We draw up an interview timetable, and appropriate questions.  We can carry out all the administration for setting the process up too.  We often co-interview and will play as much of a part in the decision-making at the company prefers.  Once the preferred candidate is chosen we can make verbal offers, drawing up the necessary letters and contracts and advise on which conditional points the offer will be made.

Our experience runs from single post recruitment in smaller companies through to volume assessment centre based recruitment and senior executive appointments with salaries almost reaching six figures.

Whatever kind of employee you are looking for, and whatever the reason, the right people, with the right attitude, behaviours, skills and experience will always be fundamental to your business, to your customer’s experience of your company.

These are the kind of things we’ve dealt with:

  • Drafting Job Descriptions and Person Specifications that clearly link with business goals and work as recruitment tools.
  • Setting out a plan and timetable to effectively manage the process so it does not drag on leaving you loosing good applicants.
  • Directing applicants to apply in the way the company wants and not just pitch a ‘standard’ CV.
  • Smart telephone screening to ensure we only spend time interviewing the best applicants.
  • Dealing with withdrawal once the offer is made.
  • Handling matters when the offered candidate does not meet one of the conditions of the offer.
  • Supporting a ‘No Hire’ decision when taking the ‘best of the worst’ is not acceptable.

How We Can Help

  • We will advise you about discrimination claim risks right through the whole process.
  • We will work with you to draw up the Job Description & Person Specification to reflect what the business needs this role to do.
  • We will work with you on a recruitment strategy, bringing in other professionals, such as Recruitment Agencies, if required.
  • We will discuss recruitment options with you, and support you right through the advertising, short listing, interviewing and appointment stages.
  • We will deal with all the administration if you prefer.
  • We will co-interview and produce good interview questions.
  • We will make a verbal conditional offer, on your behalf.
  • We will draw up formal written offer and draw up a business-like employment contract.

Call us at the office on 0845 463 3231 for an informal discussion about how we can help your business.

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