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Poor Performance

Performance ManagementReally, managing employee performance is actually managing your business.

The number of employees carrying out their specific tasks should all be arranged to support your business needs and achieve your business objective.  Ideally a business should have some tool or method to measure the performance of your employees against the objectives they have been set for their role. Sometimes a business has some challenges where a member of the team is not performing to the level they should be, or previously have been. We can work with you, very closely, to guide you through a route that will protect you, and gather the fullest understanding possible the issues surrounding the performance. This could be related in internal matters or external matters, or even health.

These are the kind of things we’ve dealt with:

  • Supported businesses to set objectives for employees that service the business goals.
  • Worked with businesses to identify their business goals (then used to set employee goals).
  • Produced a fit for purpose performance management process that worked to manage employees against objective and also drill down to gather business data for CEO.
  • Extracted performance management information to conduct meetings to discuss poor performance.
  • Drew up plans to support and assist employee to perform acceptably in the job, and continuously monitor standards & progress.
  • Follow the correct process leading to poor performance dismissal.
  • Conducted challenging meetings with employees to discuss attitude and capability.
  • Managing complex cases such as a poor performance case that included a grievance against the manager, the employee reporting sick & claiming to have a disability, the employee sending completely inappropriate emails to random work colleagues, and refusing to participate in any process. The cause of all this was a signification problem at home.

How We Can Help

  • We can provide you with a clear road-map to manage performance related issues.
  • We are alert to, and quick to react to matters raised that we should work closely with you, and other professional on, and will continue to guide you through those matters.
  • We will also help you to understand if the matter is related to performance, or to conduct and continue to assist you if it moves across to a conduct matter.
  • As a previous specialist in Employee Relations we have significant experience in this area.

Call us in the office on 0845 463 3231 for an information discussion about how we can help your business.

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