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Have you spotted your Lauren “Am I bovvered?”

July 24, 2013 9:25 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Which 58% of employees your are simply ‘not bothered’ about their work?

The Catherine Tate show is brilliant, a real hoot. All the character’s are cringingly, frustratingly, shockingly excellent, including the now infamous Lauren “Am I bovvered?” (who we think we may have had a discipline meeting with once!). However, back in real life the employee not pulling their weight, and worse still not caring, is a real problem – particularly for small employers.

A recent survey carried out by the HR professional body, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has found there are plenty of Lauren’s out there. In real life, that is. The Employee Outlook Survey reported that 58% of employees are simply ‘not bothered’ about their work. Flagged as being one of the key findings in their report this means that in the average company, more than half and almost two-thirds of employees are just ‘not bothered’. That’s more than 50% of your headcount not bothered about their work – and presumably also not bothered about their colleagues, the company – any of it.

The report also found these lovely Lauren types are about half as likely to go the extra mile with workload and hours. Are those that are ‘too busy’ to take on more work (too busy not being bothered?) the fastest movers at knocking off time, when enthusiasm suddenly peaks? In small companies, this attitude will make a noticeable difference to the amount of work performed, and has to impact quickly on the bottom line.

We’ve certainly come across a number (and the number remains steady even if this difficult economic climate) of employees who don’t seem to be bothered about keeping their job by actually doing their work, and doing it well, or doing even the simpler things like arriving on time each day – or arriving at all.  Interestingly, these disengaged under-performers are quick to take their full salary, even while not doing their full job.

If you’ve got any attitude problems, or under-performers then we’ll always say to make a plan and deal with it sooner than later. One thing we can pretty much guarantee – if you leave it, it will not go away. In fact if you leave it, the employee just gets further into the routine and habit of not caring, and doing very little, and quickly that becomes ‘normal’ to them. Your saying nothing and taking no action is seen as acceptance of their behaviour and work performance. Be very clear, not only when someone new joins you, but continually, what you expect from your employees in terms of actual tasks, volume, quality, deadlines and so forth.

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