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about spirit hrSpirit HR is an ambitious HR consultancy business that is as determined for your business as for itself. Set up by Donna Fairbrass in 2006 the vision was to provide progressive HR support to businesses needing quick, pragmatic, legally compliant response to immediate HR challenges. This has grown as Donna has seen that businesses also want the right company rules in place so that everyone understands how things work in their company.

The approach is very collaborative, and business focused. Donna and her team of carefully selected consultants are enthused by businesses wanting to deal with issues, develop good people management principles and practices and use these to support their own business growth. After dealing with pressing issued, Spirit HR aims to go on to provide some strategic support, developing alongside the business plan a people strategy, thus providing processes and importantly confidence to managers and owners for the future. Always, Spirit HR works in partnership as they provides personal, bespoke service to clients that is for their business, and completely focused on their business.

Donna started her HR career more than a decade ago when she became involved in training and helped organisations identify training needs to fit the business priorities, and would write and deliver the training. But, she is no stranger to other areas of the business world. Prior to that she worked as an IT contractor, and also spent some time in operational general management. She believes that part of what makes her different in her style, is she has been a user of HR services before finally moving into the profession.

Having continued her broader HR career in a range of sectors and industries, in roles up to the level of HR Director, and in businesses of varying sizes including global blue-chip companies, Donna has excellent experience of both working operationally in HR and also applying strategic thought to people-related business issues. She has proven ability to adapt to business type, size and sector.

The Consultants invited to work with Spirit HR are handpicked for their depth of HR experience and business acumen, and in many cases particular specialist experience.

Donna views Spirit HR’s role as adding to and complimenting your present business skill base, working together with the business to achieve the business aim.

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